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A hexagonal stylish aluminum coffee table.
Available in 16 color combinations





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Each table is unique. Create your own.


Side Big Holes

Front Small Holes

Real Color Palette

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you deliver my table in one piece?

The whole idea is to suppress the shipping and laboring cost and since it's easy to assemble it we found no reason to raise the prices higher.

Can I further modify my table after I've purchased it already?

There are kits that can be added to your table in order to upgrade it to another version. More cost efficient and certainly you don't have to buy it again. Please send us an email at info@uniqtables.com

My country doesn't appear in your shipping list. What can I do?

You can send us an email and we will inform you about the shipping cost for your country.

I'm interested in buying large quantities of a specific table.

This is out of our product philosophy since every table is unique. However if you are interested buying a specific version of a table in large quantities feel free to send us an email at info@uniqtables.com and we will inform you about your inquiry.

I want a combination of colors that are not available.

Unfortunately the color combinations are limitless. We narrowed the choices for practical reasons. However if you want a different color combination you can send us an email and we will get in touch with you to work out the details.

The final appearance of the product differs from the configurator image.

You have to keep in mind that the configurator images are images generated by 3D - CAD software. The real photos at the top will give you more realistic view of the tables.

Can you provide a payment method other than Paypal?

Although we consider Paypal the most secure, reliable, sincere and economic way to carry out a payment you can send us a demand with an email and we will provide you a bank account where you can deposit your payment.

When my table was delivered it was partial destroyed. What can I do?

All parcels must be intact at the time of the delivery. Don't accept any parcel from the courier service if the parcel is destroyed. Please send us an email if this happens.

I sat on top of my table and now it's broken.

Although we considered the possibility that someone would do that and we designed the table to endure that kind of treatment, we give no guarantee for the integrity of a table for misuse.

Do you have a return policy?

No, all sales are final.

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